Manufacturers & Distributors 

Infinity Leasing Finance Group Insurance works with equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers to create insurance solutions tailored to benefit your business. Our program allows you to increase the value of every transaction with exceptional coverage and competitive rates. Unlike standard commercial insurance policies, coverage will not be cancelled due to claims and pricing is fixed for the duration of the enrollment.

The Program

Infinity Insurance Solutions delivers an insurance solution to provide to your customers at the point-of-sale. Our innovative software and state-of-the-art technology provides an online submission process that saves time and eliminates costly steps normally needed to acquire insurance coverage on any new, financed or leased equipment.

Infinity's technology, experience, customer service and payment processing services provides the ability to combine all facets of a capital equipment transaction into a cost effective electronic solution. We can assist manufacturers, financial institutions, distributors, brokers and lessees with:

  • Machine Tools
  • Construction equipment (i.e. yellow iron)
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Medical, dental and veterinary equipmentManufacturing and production equipment
  • Many more assets


Infinity Insurance Solutions is proud to be at the crossroads of technology and commercial insurance. We’ve designed our online platform from the ground up using the latest technologies and web standards to ensure users an easy and yet comprehensive experience.

We are committed to providing that same level of service going forward across the entire Infinity insurance platform. As the ever changing world advances so will we to ensure that you and your customers have the tools you need to succeed. Our new website is an example of that commitment and in the coming months watch for additional cosmetic and functional changes to our online portal that we hope will improve your experience.